Annica Heinemann


To celebrate life with her bright and bubbly personality, laughing, dancing, doing somersaults by the cliff- thats her path.


Yoga   –     HIER    oder   DORT  

wöchentliche Kurse

Mittwochs  um   17.45 Uhr
im Seminarhaus Shiva – Shakti   in 27327 Martfeld 

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​After spending many winters in India I learned these powers & how access to my own inexhaustible energy.
Trough fascination for the yogic world and thanks to many wonderful teachers and schools, in different places and great company, through lots of feedback and love, I became who I am today.

What I want

… share experiences and ways to get access to your own conscious self

… accompany you on your yogic way and support you inner self to bloom

… help you trust your feelings and intuiton

The shape of a class:

Participants are invited to slow down and BE, in the here and now, on the mat, in their own temple

The structure always follows the same setup, the key aspects vary:

broadly defined: start with meditation, light warmup and relaxation of joints and muscles followed by a series of asanas and a deep relaxation at the end of the 1,5h class

In greater detail:

Breathing, quiet and meditation. Pranayama exercises to concentrate sences for example breathing for cleansing and regulation of the body temperature (ca 15min)

Followed by asanas (exercises) of the hatha yoga (“Hatha” comes from “Ha”=Sun (Surya) or energy canal “Pingala” and “Tha”=Moon (Chandra) or energy canal “Ida”) combined with Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga (ca 60min)


The closure: Savasana- deep relaxation

The energy activated by the praxis of yoga spreads out through the body in the final relaxation. 

It relaves stress, strengthens the immune system, benefits healing process and rebuilds mental strength and calm. 


Mindfullness is the key to happiness.