Über uns

Juggling, dancing & music - I live that


I was born the 15th of july 1985 in a village in Niedersachsen. My parents gave me magical first years by traveling to many different places of the world with me until school time started…
But still no day was spent without horses, outdoor activities and friends. I was member of a sports club, practiced Teakwondo and -thanks to my mum- early started yoga with Rita Drewelius (B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga)

After taking the abitur and starting a vocational education as photographer, I decided to shape my own path, lived in great cities and communities, juggled and played music…

I followed my creative side and learned to be free… and to endure the freedom!

My hobby became my profession and new ways opened up. Now I spend every day with dedicating my heart to exciting art projects, living my freedom and discover new paths with wonderful people!

Fireshow, yoga and music- that´s my life!


My name is Maxi, on stage and for real. It is not a nickname.

I was born in east Berlin and spent my schooltime in a north german province, before I found my home in Rostock.

Fine arts, performing arts and sports have always been my interest. As a child I tried gymnastics, later soccer, boxing and kickboxing, practiced capoeira and finally found passion in circus arts, which had already been present in several stages of my life. Slowly I started making a living out of what I love. 

When not touring with lunatix, I play music, draw and decorate. I love plants. I love to travel.

My actual profession is sculptor btw.


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  • Federgeist Theater
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  • Fangdorn Fantasy Theater
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That depends on which show you book and which special effects will be used. Usually we work with 8x8m. But even with a space of 5x5m a great performance is possible. Contact us and we will adjust the show to your location and needs.

Yes of course! With consideration of general safety aspects, we can do our fireshows indoors. It must be guaranteed that inflammable or risky objects like curtains and technical equipment are at a safe distance from the performance. The floor may not be slippery or inflammable. Important: fire alarms and smoke detectors such as sprinklers must be turned off before the show can start.
We also offer LED light performances suited for indoor.

That varies. A fireshow on a private event can often take place without registration, as private performances on private property only need the permission of the landlord. So the garden of a hotel or restaurant, just like company premises are not a problem.

For public events the promoter needs to announce the fireshow with the local authorities. That can usually be agreed with a simple phone call. If required we can provide proof of insurance, a written show concept and list of material. In greater cities, sometimes there must be agreements made with the local fire chief in advance. We will support you in the process in all cases.

Yes! Rain and/or Wind must be extreme to keep us away. We usually find a moment with calmer weather. On site we´re flexible and keep in touch with you for the best possible outcome. No lunatix show has been canceled to date. 

However, please also consider the comfort of the audience…

No, not necessarily. We can turn any place into our stage.
On bigger events it might be reasonable though to have a heightened platform for the performance, so the spectators in the back have a good view, otherwise the first lines can be provided with seats.
We gladly play on big stages though, under the observance of fire safety rules. Just contact for more details.

Safety is of high priority!

We always have extinguishing equipment (fire drencher, fire blanket, water) standing by. We only work with approved tools and fuel. We check our equipment before and after every show. And last but not least we have special fire insurance, which luckily we haven´t had to use yet.

Environment protection is important to us so we use our fuels with responsibility and care. We would never dispose of our waste into the countryside.

That depends on the show you want and you´ll find more information in our descriptions. We recommend 15 to 30 minutes as that has proved to be the perfect length for most events, to keep the full attention of the audience and the quality of the show up high. 

It is of course possible to extend the show. For long events it can be best to have several smaller shows.

Yes we do!

The quality of sound and music is very important for our shows. 

We can provide a professional active sound system, that fills an event with up to 300 people with good sound. All we need is a power outlet within a distance of 30m to the performance site.