the cheeky witches prepare a soup

Towering over the audience at ten foot tall, the cheeky witches scout the area for ingredients to put in their soup while teasing each other and the audience. Their quick-witted shenanigans often result in bursts of laughter.

rainbow fairy and sea fairy (FAIRIES)

The beautiful “Rainbow fairy” accomponies her slightly confused but lovable friend “Sea fairy” searching for the sea.

Together they form a union of elements and spread happiness and joy among the humans they meet on their journey.

loopy hoops

Two long-legged ladies show off their hoop artistry, two metres off the ground and animate people big and small to join them and get spinning. 

They enjoy parades and performing walkacts with workshop character.

The last unicorn and the one before that

The unicorns discover the human world and befriend them. They´ll tell you stories and if you´re lucky, a secret from the other world. Gracefully and swiftly they jump around and share out luck.